Raw Talent Youth Theatre

Established in 1996 Raw Talent Youth Theatre is the most exciting and original drama school in Birmingham for young people aged 6-16.

Our Outlook

Claire Downes and Stuart Lane founded Raw Talent to create a youth theatre in which every member gets a chance to shine. From the very first show in 1996 to the present day, scripts are specifically written for the cast so everyone has an important role to play.

Raw Talent prides itself on original work devised by members of the drama group and then scripted by professional writers. We create original high-quality work in a fun-filled environment.

We have also won very big awards for our work. No really.  Look at the size of that thing! HUGE.

Raw Talent Youth Theatre winning a PROPER MASSIVE award.
Did you know that since we started back in 1996, the Raw Talent team has written
over 100 original shows?

Yes you read that right. Over one hundred original scripts!

And our latest project, Humourgeddon, a film produced in the lockdown of summer 2020 is the latest in a long and legendary line. Want to check it out?

Of course you do. Go on, give it a click.

Raw Talent's 2020 lock down project.

How to find us: