Personality? Oh we’ve got loads of it.

This week, in our 6-11 RT zoom session, the Raw Talenteers signed into the call in character!

They had a week to prepare their characters and backstories; they had to come up with names, ages, professions, likes/dislikes and personality traits.

They even thought about how their characters might speak, move and think. We went full on method!

These are just some of the weird and wonderful characters we had on our zoom call this week… you wouldn’t want to mess with them…
If you’d like to sign up to join in with all this fun, then please contact us as we are currently recruiting for our 6-11 Raw Talent group!
Zoom sessions for the 6-11 group take place from 
4.15 – 5 pm on Tuesdays.


Raw Talent's 2020 lock down project.

We Know What You Did Last Summer...

Of course we know what you did last summer, because if you’re a Raw Talent member, you probably took part in our lock down project: Humourgeddon! An epic adventure conjured up from your clever minds, filtered through Sami and Phil, filmed at home by you and your epic families, and released into the wild… on YouTube. 

When lock down hit and our summer plans were cancelled we knew that we had to do something creative as a team. Ordinarily we would be running our Summer School, but with COVID causing chaos, we had to get our heads together (virtually of course) to plan something new…


With the Raw Talent Writer/Directors Sami and Phil on board, with pens at the ready, we called upon our  three Raw Talent Youth Theatre groups and had twenty volunteers to take part in our virtual summer. 

We booked a zoom meeting, shared ideas, jokes and storylines, and all came away with our funny bone thoroughly tickled. Sami and Phil then took the Talenteers thoughts and created a script. The script, as well as being full of suspense and humour, was also filled with directions and insturctions to allow our Talenteers to film scenes at home. Families and friends got involved too, and their support has been, as ever, absolutely brilliant. 

The filmed scenes found their way back to Sami who edited them together to make not one, not two, but THREE installments of the 2020 lock down film project: Humourgeddon.

And on that note, never doubt the power of Raw Talent!

In the face of change, in the face of challenge, in the face of … West Side Sami, Raw Talent will always find the funny and do it as a team!

Raw Talent Goes Virtual

Raw Talent: Zoom

At Home with Raw Talent

Yes we know you feel at home within Raw Talent, it’s amazing you feel that way! We work really hard to create an inclusive, supportive and creative space! But this isn’t a blog post all about how welcoming we are, it’s a blog post about brand new Raw Talent Zoom Sessions! 

And also us welcoming new members… so I guess it is a little bit about how welcoming we are. 

Raw Talent Youth Theatre age 6-11

We will be hosting Raw Talent sessions for our youngest group, the 6-11 group, every Tuesday from 4.15 until 5pm on zoom.

These sessions will be made up of performance skills, drama games, and a good old catch up each week.

Please email to sign up.

Our 6-11 Raw Talent group is also looking for new members so if you would like to bring your friends along then just let us know. You can also share the poster below to help spread the word!

Raw Talent are recruiting!

Raw Talent Youth Theatre age 11-16

We will be hosting Raw Talent sessions for our 11-16 group every Thursday from 4 until 5pm on zoom.

These sessions will be made up of performance skills, drama games, and a good old catch up each week.

Please email to sign up.

These sessions are free and we’d love for you to spread the word to your fellow Raw Talenteers!

For more information on Raw Talent please contact us via or find us on social media @rawtalentyt.