Don't just take our word for it...

When we say Raw Talent is one of the best and most exciting youth theatres in Birmingham we mean it, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials about Raw Talent from parents and former members of the drama group.

Both my children have loved Raw Talent. The relationships fostered are great through a love of entertaining and the end of term shows are hilarious and a real fab end to the term. Would highly recommend Raw Talent 👍
Judith Dovey
Raw Talent inspire children to become more confident in themselves AND when on stage and performing. No child is favoured over others, each child is heard and valued equally. They nurture their members by having fun when acting. Great bunch of people.
Kate McHugo
This is a fantastic Drama club for all kids- younger ones and teenagers! Through fun Drama activities and performances, the children's self confidence and ability to act zooms! Totally inclusive and my kids love it! The team are fabulous at getting the best out of each and every child.👊Raw Talent rocks!
Jude Bannereilbeck
Great shows especially when they introduced the singing groups. Gives the children involved a fabulous experience of the arts and using their imagination. They also have exposure to external work in the industry.
Claire Holloway
I recommend! As a shy young kid this youth group was perfect for me. Raw talent lets you be yourself while developing social and theatrical skills. I am now at the number 1 university for studying drama, and I owe it to them 😁
Romy Whai
Former member
This great group are such a happy bunch of kids, funny, committed and really focused on stage. They are a joy to watch performing!
Robert and Helen Evans
"Raw Talent have provided excellent opportunities for my 3 children and endless hours of fun filled entertainment for all the family. I am proud to be associated with the team!"
Andrew Lomas

Raw Talent is honestly one of the best youth theatres I have been too. It helped me develop my confidence so much as well as helping me to develop the skills I need to be part of the performing arts industry. They welcome anyone within the age range and it really felt like another family to me as everyone was so nice but also very professional. Everyone is treated equally and if it wasn’t for Raw Talent I wouldn’t be were I am now- at a performing arts college being part of shows and participating in events such as the skills show and screamfest. I have really broken out of my shell as I felt accepted at Raw Talent and I now can put myself out there on stage as well as feel confident in my acting abilities when applying for auditions. It’s a very good price and the instructors are just so nice and incredible with maintaining that professionalism. All of the shows that they put on are just amazing and everything including the casting for the shows is all fair. You will defiantly make friends and your skills as a person and a performer will defiantly develop. It’s great fun and definitely deserves more credit 🙂

Hannah – Former member

One of my clearest memories of show day was we used to do what I think we called a Spanish Run (or is that an unfortunate form or diarrhoea?) where we had to do the whole show at triple speed. We always made a ton of mistakes but the result was usually the best run we’d done so far. As a teacher now in my twenties, my years in Raw Talent taught me that the most important things when standing in front of a bunch of people are your energy and presence: if you’ve got that you can basically get away with anything.

My Mum observed when dropping me off that: ‘You’re all such misfits…” and looking back we really were. The “Raw” bit of Raw Talent isn’t there for show. This isn’t the theatre group to send your kid to if you want them to be preened or to make them feel like a superstar (try the one where you have to pay £400 and wear tights). I was put in my place a few times when I got above my station, again lessons that have served me well. But if you want your kid to learn to laugh at themselves, to learn all the words to Minnie Ripperton, work with people who have made it to the top of their game and make friends they’ll still be in touch with in 15 years, then it’s the only choice. Yeah they have the amazing costumes and whizz bang productions that equal the other stage schools, but they excel at developing kids who can hold their own on a stage with nothing but themselves.

Isobel Cafferty – Former member

They’re “Simply The Best”! Is just one of the many popular-culture references that your child might say during a Raw Talent performance. Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to have but a few milestones that propel us both personally and professionally. Being in Raw Talent was one of mine. Words genuinely cannot express how much being a part of this family means to me. Some of the best times of my life have been spent with these amazing people. The founders, Claire Downes and Stuart Lane are two exceptional human beings, that offer an incomparable experience for young people looking not only be involved with the arts but simply to be a part of something special. So please don’t even consider the rest. Go with the best. Be a part of the Raw Talent Family.

Rasmus Hardiker – Former member